Developing micro-districts in San Antonio’s urban core

Great Cities are Built on Great Urban Districts

Our Belief



The junction of two rivers, especially rivers of approximately equal width.

Confluence Capital Group is a San Antonio real estate investment fund that is focused on catalyzing and enhancing micro districts in and around San Antonio’s urban core.

We invest in bringing more places where people can meet and build community. These clusters of people and place are where the collision of ideas happens.

When human capital and dense places converge, a Confluence District is created.

Creating the Confluence

We are creating vibrant urban spaces that respect the unique character, geography, history, and charm that defines “SA,” while giving them new life – making San Antonio a destination for young professionals seeking an authentic urban experience.

Unlocking the Magic

When confluence happens, magic happens. Microdistricts define microcommunities, leading to new ideas, new businesses & jobs, and better quality of life for residents and businesses that serve them.

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Unique Features of Microdistricts:


Park Once




5 & ¼


Residential Density


Linked Operating Hours


2nd Gen Spaces

Rich Urban Zones in San Antonio

  • The Primary Urban Zone is the Area Inside Inner Loop of I35, I37, Hwy 90 & I10 excluding the central business district
  • North of Midtown Up to & Around Pearl Brewery
  • Westside Around UTSA Campus
  • Eastside Dignowity Hill Area
  • South of King William Along Mission Reach
  • Area around Woodlawn Lake

Woodlawn Lake

North Midtown



South King William/Mission Reach

Eastside/Dignowity Hill