About Confluence

Confluence Capital Group, a San Antonio real estate investment fund, is dedicated to revitalizing micro districts in and around the city's urban core. We invest in building vibrant, community-centered spaces where people and ideas come together, creating dynamic Confluence Districts that catalyze innovation and growth.

Our Differences

Why Confluence?

No Bulk Purchases

We don’t have to buy in bulk. Example: Large multiproperties like Lonestar Brewery.

In-House Management

We manage all steps of the acquisition process in‑house. This controls costs and permits an agile, lean operational model.

We Buy Small

We are happy to buy smaller footprints or smaller size buildings.

Great Network

We maintain strong partnerships with property owners in all 5 Urban Zones.

Operator Focused

We partner with operators who align with our strategic vision for the long-term and the unique opportunities of microdistricts.

Focused & Ready

We are focused on 2nd-gen spaces that align with our mission and allow for a swift development process.

Individual Deals

We are happy doing individual deals inside of multiple districts.


Local is our lifeblood: Starbucks vs. Local Coffee

Operator Support

  • No direct investment from fund but potential increase in finish out budget
  • Majority experienced operators (one or more successful concept already existing)
  • First time operator support with stricts rules (i.e. Chad Carey sign off and or mentorship) [Marketing / Finance / Brand Strategy / Ops]
  • List of strategic partners that can help them (Joey Boatright for beverage program)
  • Operators that have a long term vision (options to buy property)

Sean Wen

Co-Founder, Curry Boys BBQ

The Confluence Capital Team

Cody Lockwood


Cody Lockwood is a prominent real estate professional who is dedicated to creating opportunities for his clients and making a positive impact on his hometown of San Antonio. As the founder and owner of Lockwood Realty Group and Lockwood Capital Group, he is guided by his faith and a commitment to servant leadership.

Starting at the age of 19, Lockwood embarked on a career in sales and achieved remarkable success. This early accomplishment fueled his passion for communicating with people and solving their problems, leading him to discover commercial real estate. Lockwood found that real estate is a platform to work with individuals from diverse backgrounds and provide innovative solutions to help build their legacy. Shifting perspective and not shying away from confrontation or difficult situations, he began to discover the calling on his life.

Over the past decade, Lockwood has honed his expertise in investment management, focusing on various aspects such as real estate sales, property management, transactional brokerage, personal investment and private syndication. His extensive experience managing over 2,300 doors, multiple asset classes, and transacting over $250 million in local real estate has allowed him to develop a comprehensive understanding of the industry and the people. Using creative out-of-the-box thinking has positioned him as a trusted professional in his field.

Driven by a desire to build community and establish common ground, Lockwood recently co-founded Confluence Capital Group, an organization dedicated to catalyzing and enhancing micro-districts near San Antonio’s urban core. His vision involves creating vibrant, walkable neighborhoods and communities that attract young professionals seeking an authentic urban experience, thereby helping San Antonio compete for global talent.

Cody and his wife, Jessica, are proud parents of Izzabella Rose, who will be a year old in September 2023. They are active members of City Tribe Church in San Antonio and support several charitable organizations including Metanoya Church, 7th Mile Ministries, and Choose a Night Save a Life, which builds orphanages in Central America.

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Lorenzo Gomez III


Lorenzo Gomez III is a community builder, author, and public speaker who draws from his personal and professional experiences to inspire others. A former director at Rackspace Technology, Gomez is a key player in the development of San Antonio’s downtown entrepreneurial ecosystem.

He has spent the last decade dedicated to building institutions and organizations that have supported the creation of a contemporary community of technology companies. Gomez is the co-founder of WeTree, a new mental health engagement application, and recently co-founded Confluence Capital Group to invest in community centered real estate.

During Gomez’s four years as CEO and four years as chairman of Geekdom, San Antonio’s premier collaborative startup community, Geekdom companies raised more than $422M in funding and its startups created 2,489 jobs.

A trusted advisor to Graham Weston, co-founder of Rackspace Technology, Gomez helped shape Weston’s 80|20 Foundation, which invests in San Antonio’s future by issuing grants to public charities that attract, grow, and retain San Antonio’s future workforce and job-creating entrepreneurs. After co-founding the 80|20 Foundation with Weston, he served as its executive director for six years, during which time the organization founded Students + Startups, San Antonio Startup Week, and helped establish the UTSA School of Data Science downtown. He and other local tech leaders also founded Tech Bloc, an advocacy group for San Antonio’s tech economy.

Gomez’s most recent venture, Confluence Capital Group, is dedicated to catalyzing and enhancing micro-districts near San Antonio’s urban core. The company envisions creating vibrant, walkable neighborhoods and communities that attract young professionals seeking an authentic urban experience, thereby helping San Antonio compete for global talent.

Gomez has authored three books: Cilantro Diaries, Tafolla Toro, and The Rack We Built. All three are Amazon best sellers and the latter two are winners of the 2021 International Latino Book Awards. Cilantro Diaries tells the story of Gomez’s rise from the stockroom of a grocery store to the boardrooms of two private companies, without a college degree. Tafolla Toro tells the story of his turbulent, traumatic, and often violent middle school years in one of San Antonio’s most crime-riddled neighborhoods. He reveals the fear, anxiety, and hopelessness he felt as a teenager and how those forces shaped his life until he began taking steps as an adult to improve his mental health. The Rack We Built examines Rackspace’s growth from a scrappy startup to a billion-dollar technology company and the evolution of its legendary corporate culture.

Lorenzo’s driving passion is his love for his hometown, San Antonio, Texas. His goal is to recreate for every San Antonian the opportunities the startup world has provided him in this city on the rise.

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